Radio Gaga

MP’s on the radio become a big feature this week, but the two examples in question have very different reasons…

DJ Mili-Band

An unverifiable treat was bestowed on BBC Radio 2 listeners this week as Labour MP and former leader of the party Ed Miliband stepped in for Jeremy Vine.

Highlights of his 4 shows so far include attempting to sing death metal and an engaging discussion he had with listeners about loos;

However, this is not the first time in the last few weeks that Ed Miliband has courted cult status.

To begin with there was this story that went moderately viral of Ed mowing an unsuspecting constituents lawn in an effort to secure her vote and he also featured predominately on Channel 4’s comedy show The Last Leg, including this Anchorman spoof sketch;

Should we be concerned he may have the same agent as friend and former colleague Ed Balls and that he may be appearing in spandex on a ballroom floor soon?

You can catch Ed for his final show  from tomorrow at 12:00 on BBC Radio 2.

In the interests of political balance, Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith will be taking over the reigns the following week before normal service in the form of Jeremy Vine resumes the week after.

The One Johnson

Moving over to Radio 4, Boris Johnson was interviewed on the Eddie Mair show this morning and had what many in political circles might unfairly describe now as a ‘Diane Abbot’ moment.

Sounding breathless, flustered and completely unprepared for Mair’s line of questioning concerning yesterdays Queen’s Speech, it wasn’t Johnson’s greatest interview to say the least.

It’s worth mentioning that these two do have some previous on this score, dating back to 2013 when Mair interviewed Johnson whilst standing in for Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning TV programme.

However, rather than provide a clip of that now outdated interview, it felt much more important to provide the clip of the classic Two Ronnies sketch referred to by Mair (3:16) in today’s interview.




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