An i-Con turns 10

10 years ago today, many would have been going to sleep full of the excitement of Christmas, for they knew when they woke they would be able to get there hands on the very first i-Phone.

Announced to much fanfare by the late Steve Jobs in January of that year, the 29th June 2007 was the first point members of the public (in the US) could feel for themselves the polished aluminium outer and glide their fingers over the touchscreen display.

At $600 dollars, this privilege didn’t come cheap and with no 3g capability on the original model the functionality was certainly debatable, but this didn’t stop Apple selling over 250,000 phones within the first 30 hours and changing the face of the mobile phone industry for ever.

And despite its many, many, faults looking back now there were so many things, much to the confoundment of its then critics that the phone got right.

The biggest area of controversy was the absence of keys, with many suggesting the notion of using a touch screen wouldn’t catch on with the public, which seems amazing to think today when you consider how this technology has broaden its reach beyond phones, to tablets, to laptop computers and beyond.


The other major concept that Apple got right with the original i-phone was the idea of combining functions so that you could do more with less. At this time there were other mobile phone producers that were adding additional functionality to their phones, but what Apple provided with the ability to carry music with you, take and store photos and browse the web (as long as you had WiFi connection) in one device and this blew its competitors out of the water.

Other lasting concepts from that original phone include the accelerometer which allowed the screen to follow you, the use of applications or Apps to provide usable content and the idea that technology should be intuitive and easy to use.

The 1st generation i-Phone set the standards that other phones had to follow, provided features that have stood the test of time for over a century. It was a trendsetter, one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology of its time (not just mobile phones) and for these reasons and more it has to be consider a true i-con of our time.






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