A call to like minded bloggers

How the power of collaboration could lead to great benefits for all

Sometimes the life of a blogger can feel very lonely indeed. Hours spent behind a laptop screen, punching out our thoughts, placing our soul on screen for the world to see, only to find little in the way of positive feedback.

With so much online content available to find at the click of a button, getting your ideas seen can be an impossible task especially in those early days where you are still finding your way, your style, your voice.

You may reason that the number of page views, likes and comments is not a primary driver for you producing your content, that it is more of a personal affair, but it can’t be denied that it would be better to have more of these than not.

And so this is where the idea of collaborating efforts between like minded bloggers appears to make so much sense.

As individuals, we are competing against each other for what is a minuscule online market share, but combine our efforts into one overarching blog we’re suddenly harnessing a collective power that brings with it brings the potential for a wider reach for all.

This idea would work in the same way an art gallery does, with your individual piece’s being placed alongside like minded others pieces, pooling our combined audiences under one roof and providing visitors to the overall blog a growing range of articles to browse in the one space.

What you write about would still be up to you and the very same articles can still appear on your personal blog, this would simply be a way of using what you do normally to better effect. Amplifying your voice so it can be heard outside of your blog’s normal circle.

There are other obvious benefits too, because there will be no doubt that respectful competitive element within you as you see you work displayed alongside others, helping to motivate, develop your content further and spark future writing ideas.

This is an idea I am really excited by, but for it to work it needs you! 

Would you be willing to be part of this, supplying content (it can even be existing pieces you have already created initially) to sit within a brand new shared blog?

If you are, please add a comment below and we can go from there.



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