Teesside University Students to hold debut art exhibition this Friday at Breckon Hill Community Centre (TS4 2DS)

‘The Not so Loose Women’ of ClickTeesside.com will be showcasing an impressive range of their art work between 1pm and 5pm tomorrow (16th March).

An advert filled with mystery

“We are three young artist doing our first art exhibition” the Facebook advert read, complete with a photo of the three of them from behind, looking out to Whitby Abbey in the distance.

“Come down and see what we have to show” it modestly continued, leaving a world of questions for those of inquisitive minds.

Who were these three faceless people, what exactly would be on show and might there be a hug dealer here too?

In order to find out these answers and more, this reporter got in touch with the trio and this is what he found.

art exhibition
The mysterious three

Art and cake; a winning combination

Opening by asking what would be in their exhibition, it became plainly obvious the trinity knew exactly what would get people through the door as Emily revealed;

“We’ve got a range of things from our course (all three study Comics and Graphic Novels at Teesside University), so there will be comics,  Becky’s producing a walking comic; so you’ll walk around the room and see this story unfold, there’ll be canvasses, trinkets we’ve made and so much more…

…plus obviously the bit everyone wants… the cake!

Enquiring further about that most important of issues, Emily went on to confirm there will be home made favourites such as rocky road, carrot cake, chocolate cake “every kind of cake” served with the obligatory tea and coffee.

art girls 2
Emily Cleale (Left), Elly Long (Centre) and Becky Ashton (Right)

A visual world of unimaginable beauty

Already sold on the prospect of ‘sooo much cake’ discussions turned to focus on the three’s artwork to try and get a picture of what the exhibition might look like.

This was when Becky showed me an example of a huge A1 Canvass that Becky has prepared for the exhibition and it became clear this was going to be a must see event being held by three incredibly talented emerging artists.

Becky’s mother nature canvas at an early stage. The finished piece will be on display at Friday’s exhibition. (courtesy of Becky’s Instagram account becky_roseabell)

Artistic Inspirations

Explaining the motivation behind the watercolour, which took over 5-hours to complete, Becky explained “I have a big fascination with Mother Nature, I believe that what you take from nature you have to give back at the same time, I just love the whole aspect of that.”

Talking about her inspirations, Elly highlighted how her love for a certain blue hedgehog comic character, originally of computer game fame has helped develop her style.

“I do a lot of fan artwork. I have been very inspired by the Sonic franchise especially and this led to me doing a lot of Anthro and Manga style artwork, and my style has evolved from that.

If I were to describe it, I’d say it was a mix between the two, where I feature dark humour alongside the reality of the world… I do use dark humour to cover up a lot of bad stuff.”

A sample of Elly’s Sonic inspired artwork (courtesy Elly’s instagram account el_makara)

Emily on the other hand is a self-declared maker of art.

“Like the other two I range across a lot of different things, but I really like making things. The whole creative aspect of making my own jewellery, my own clothes.

I make stuff that I want to look at, I want to read, I want to buy, so some of that will be at the exhibition like stickers and little statues.

Then I have the comic book side, where I quite like the Slice of Life style and talk from personal experience on how being 6ft 2″ is quite inconvenient a lot of the time.”

The cutest example of one of Emily’s makes. (courtesy of Emily’s Instagram millie_182)

Aspirations for the future

We then moved onto look at where they saw their futures, with blue sky thinking was actively encouraged.

Emily highlighted how she wanted to “never work a day in my life” in as much as whatever she did, she didn’t want it to feel like work.

Coming back to her passion of making things, she mentioned her Etsy account LittleMil182. “I think success is based on how happy you are” added Emily “and the ability to make people smile.”

Becky’s response showed an equal amount of freedom in commenting “wherever life takes me” but she added that she would love to be involved in illustrations. “Chris Riddell is one of my biggest inspirations, I really love his art work, so it I would love to get into illustrations or one page comics.”

But where there was a relatively openness to what was to come for Emily and Becky; Elly offered a more complete vision.

“Ever since I was 7 years-old and came across one of my favourite Sonic creations and found it was a cancelled show, so I’ve been working for years since in the hope to rebuild it and make it into a comic series myself.

So my dream would be to produce this comic, put it on line and if it was picked up and a cartoon series was created, I’d like to voice the characters, of one of them, maybe two of them.”

One final question

And so with our time coming to a close, there was the opportunity to ask one last question on how they were feeling as the exhibition was getting ever nearer.

“I haven’t slept” Emily quickly came back with, before they all added “it will be nice to showcase our work.”

So as modest and understated as their original advert then.

But trust me, make a point of going to see this exhibition because the power of these women’s artwork will be anything but understated.

Tomorrow’s exhibition is being held at Breckon Hill Community Centre, Breckon Hill Rd, Middlesbrough, TS4 2DS

Doors open at 1pm, with the exhibition running until 5pm

You can also catch all three on www.clickteesside.com as ‘The Not so Loose Women’ tomorrow and every Friday between 11am and 1pm

Instagram Links:

Becky Ashton: becky_roseabell
Elly Long: el_makara
Emily Cleale: millie_182


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