Mid-life crisis teacher takes to rollerblades

Callum Thompson, 33, PE Teacher at Worle Community School hits the in-line fast line at Cheddar Reservoir

When hitting your mid-thirties as a man, what do you do?

Buy a fast car?

Date someone much younger than you?

Sponsor a horse race?

All of these are potential options for the man in crisis at losing his youth, this writer may have even tried a few of them, but for PE Teacher Callum Thompson, he decided to search out the thrill seeking environment of the concrete curves of his local skate park.

Decked out in fetching white ‘shifty’ (there’s definitely an ‘f’ in their) rollerblades, Callum showed off his skills to a bemused younger audience earlier this morning and posted video evidence of his efforts to Facebook.


Commenting alongside the #fedupofstandingandwatching despite that being a Twitter thing, Callum revealed “Oh my god it was hard and not like I remember. But I will improve” suggesting there will be repeat visits in the near future.

His video, which has amassed over 200 views so far, received a variety of comments, including “Yeeeeeah” from Andy Dockrell, “You nutter!” from Tabitha Carman and “Bit short on tricks!!” from Steve Ford, providing evidence of that old adage you can’t please everyone.

When asked for a quote from our favourite contributor Matthews Clayton kindly offered privately, “it’s (the video) not even worthy of a comment mate.”

In all seriousness though

Isn’t it great to think kids are being taught by such an inspirational, full of life and fearless individual as Callum, even if he does look a prat in bright white roller-blades.

Unfortunately nominations for the 2018 Pearson Teaching Awards are closed, so keep this link in my mind when they open again for 2019 and make sure to show your appreciation on Friday 15th June, national ‘Thank a Teacher Day’.


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