Take Two: Putin condemns US, UK & France’s attack on Syria

Articulate takes two separate looks at the events that have unfolded in Syria this weekend, in an effort to show how the way a story is told can provide the reader a very different perception of what has happened. You can find the alternative text here.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned “in the most serious of terms” this weekends attacks on Syria by US, UK and French forces.

In a statement Putin described the strikes as “an aggressive action” which was “a flagrant violation of international law.”

Putin also added “with its actions, the United States only exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in Syria, bringing suffering to civilians.”

Putin’s response comes after the three pronged attack led by America, with US Secretary of Defence James Mattis suggesting the strikes were “double” the amount that had been launched in a previous attack on Syria in April 2017.

The US, UK and France claim footage that emerged last week shows evidence of a chemical weapons attack instigated by government forces in the province of Douma, just south of Damascas, an accusation Syrian President Bashar al-Assad strongly denies.

The attack came on the same day that a delegation from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had arrived in Syria to investigate the claims.

Investigating the aftermath of the bombing, the Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed 71 out of 103 cruise missiles launched had been intercepted.

This tally included four missiles that had targeted Damascus International Airport and thirteen aimed at the Homs aerodrome.

On the morning after the attacks, President Assad confirmed he would not change his course of fighting “terrorists in every inch of the nation.”

This came as hundreds of Syrians gathered in squares across the capital in support of the President, with men and women waving Syrian flags to celebrate the “morning of resilience.”

Following the attacks, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has drawn criticism within her own country, with protesters gathering outside Downing Street and Jeremy Corbyn questioning why action had been taken without consulting Parliament, with the Labour leader adding this was a “legally questionable action.”

How does this report make you feel after reading it?
How does it compare to the alternative version here?
What do you notice about the use of words, images and general positioning of items in the story?


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