2017 inside the Twittersphere (Part One)

With Twitter becoming an ever more significant part of our modern day news media and indeed creating news in its own right, Articulate has a look at the news stories of 2017 that got people debating on Twitter.

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The Sun shows contempt for its own readers

In an astonishing narrow-minded article by Sunday Political Editor David Wooding, The Sun casually champions the idea of abolishing key safeguarding workers legislation, ignoring the potential adverse impact this would have for its readers.

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A tale of two…

It was the wealthiest council, it was the poorest council 

It was the council of everything, it was the council of nothing 

It was the council of the wise, it was the council so foolish

It was the council for millionaires, it was the council for the zero hours

It was the council of luxuriousness, it was the council of austerity 

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